This ensemble is truly a collection of master reference component links. We have been told many times that audiophiles "did not really hear their systems" until they connected to the performance with cables from the Emotion Ensemble!


The process was always the same. We would listen to the existing system, and then change out the cables. Usually within 30 seconds, the listener would proclaim something like … "Wow! What did you do to get these to sound like this??" We did not have to go back to the original cables to see what was different … they knew immediately.


Imagine that! Performance so outstanding these listeners felt their systems were unleashed to a totally new level! Performance so right, they did not just listen to one 30 second sound byte of one track on each reference disc; rather they listened to song after song, focused on the music. Performance so captivating that they did not want to stop listening at all, no matter how late it got! They were, indeed, connected to the music!


The Emotion Ensemble is a RevolutionZ™ Series cable featuring OptimiZ™ Architecture.  All Kubala•Sosna cables include our 30/60/90 Satisfaction Guarantee and Upgrade privileges towards future purchases (Restrictions apply. See upgrade policy for details).


Emotion … Connect to the Performance™ in world-class fashion!

Kubala Sosna Emotion Line of Interconnects, Power Cords, Digital Cables and Speaker Cables
 Analog Interconnects - RCA or XLR or Combination - Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m 6m to 15m by 1m  Digital Cables - AES/EBU (XLR) 110 Ohm - S/PDIF (RCA or BNC) 75 Ohm - Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m  Data Cables - USB (Type A to B) - USB Split (2 Type A to 1 Type B)
 DIN/Phono Cables - RCA or XLR - Straight, 90 DEG, 90 DEG Rotated - Lengths: 1.25m or 2.0m  Speaker Cables - Single Wire; Internal Bi-Wire, Internal Tri-Wire - Spade or WBT Locking Banana - Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m; 6m to 15m by 1m


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Cable Series

  Power Cords

- US, Schuko or UK Wall Plugs

- 15A IEC, 20A IEC, PowerCon Connectors

- Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m

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Robert H. Levi

Positive Feedback Online

"The Kubala-Sosna Emotion interconnects connected me to the music like no other interconnects I've heard, at anywhere near the price. Their mids and highs are rhythmic and harmonic extensions of their gorgeous bass and mid-bass, with alive, reach-out-and-touch-it definition. Their mid-bass is trend setting and state-of-the-art, forming the basis of an extraordinarily accurate and realistic musical event. It's hard to believe I am just talking about interconnects, but the Emotions are system-transforming, and they involved me in the music like never before. The Emotion loudspeaker cables are equally superb, and even more neutral, with no identifiable sonic fingerprint. I also found the Emotion's ultra-low-impedance design superb when applied to the AES/EBU digital connection. The Emotion power cords are as winning as the interconnects, and consistent top performers."


"If you love music as much as I do, and want the very best cables available, I suggest that you listen to the Emotions. Joe Kubala and Howard Sosna are audiophiles and music lovers who have taken connectivity to the next level. The Kubala-Sosna Emotions receive my top recommendation in their price range, where they are THE BEST OF CLASS!"     FULL REVIEW


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