Kubala Sosna XPander Power Distribution Box Kubala•Sosna's Power Distribution Box, XPander, can be designed with either 7 or 10 hospital grade outlets. It also has a 20 Amp IEC. Our goal was to remain true to the same design philosophies that we have mentioned before for our cable design. We try to provide products that help present the absolute sound that Harry Pearson championed. That is, if you get the sound of an acoustic instrument in a real space correct, everything else follows in terms of tonal balance. Un-colored sound is the goal. The instrument must sound like itself. We think we have accomplished just that ... Elation-level performance that is clean, dynamic, and tonally correct, and carries forth the emotion of the performance. We avoided using a buss bar, instead providing single outlets instead of duplex to avoid the same type of bar that carries current from the top half of the outlet to the bottom half. The internal wiring to each outlet is rated at over 40 amps! The enclosure is high density Corian. Now you can Connect to the Performance with XPander! XPander Specifications 18 x 8 x 6 21 Pounds
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Jim Merod

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"Music is simply and truly more musical with the XPander in tow. The fun of listening is hugely increased. Recordings I've loved for five decades or more (Miles Davis' sextet session right before the Kind Of Blue dates, "On Green Dolphin Street," one of the most brilliant moments in jazz history) have become spooky deep with the feel of flesh and breath and spiritually emotional interplay among great players at their most alert and acutely interactive. Ellington's 1958 Jazz Party, with Dizzy Gillespie and a consort of percussion instruments, never sounded so well-delineated and vibrantly here-and-now."


"The remarkable team of Howard Sosna and Joe Kubala whose world class Elation! and Emotion cables staked out a nearly unapproachable height of audio resolution that, across ten years or so following their arrival on the audiophile scene, has established a standard for haptic sonic immediacy that deserves an award all its own.  It, therefore, receives my "PFO Product of the Year" for 2014 — symbolic of the BluePort Audio Transcendence award inaugurated here… conferred on Kubala-Sosna for the you must hear it to believe it transformative sonic achievement of their state-of-the-art XPander A/C unit."     FULL REVIEW

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