Persuasion cables are a trickle-down design from the newest OptimiZ3 cables announced in 2017.


Persuasion is our best cable utilizing traditional architecture, and is placed in the line between Anticipation and Fascination.  Persuasion improves on the performance of Anticipation in dynamics and transparency, while maintaining the overall balance that is the hallmark of every Kubala•Sosna cable.


Like all Kubala•Sosna cables, performance is far above its price point.


All Kubala•Sosna cables include our exclusive 30/60/90 Satisfaction Guarantee and upgrade privileges towards future purchases (Restrictions apply. See our Upgrade Policy for details).



 Analog Interconnects - RCA or XLR or Combination - Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m 6m to 15m by 1m
 Digital Cables - Not Available  Data Cables - Not Available  DIN/Phono Cables - Not Available

  Power Cords

- US, Schuko or UK Wall Plugs

- 15A IEC

- Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m

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