Kubala•Sosna cables have been used throughout the music industry for both live performances as well as studio recordings.  Below are just some of the professional musicians that have chosen to use Kubala•Sosna cables.


Hugh McDonald - Bass Guitar for Bon Jovi

Hugh McDonald has been using a Kubala•Sosna guitar cable both in the studio and live on stage since 2015. Hugh first experienced our guitar cable while playing live in the Las Vegas stage show "Raiding the Rock Vault."  He saw such an improvement in the sound of his bass that he took the cable on tour with Bon Jovi .  Hugh has used a Kubala•Sosna guitar cable while recording Bon Jovi's latest studio albums.


Hugh McDonald has been playing  bass guitar with Bon Jovi since 1986.  He has played with many other artists, both live and in the studio, and has recorded with Willie Nelson, Ringo Starr, Cher, Alice Cooper, Ricky Martin, Michael Bublé, and Bret Michaels.


In 2018, McDonald was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Bon Jovi.



"After using the Kubala-Sosna guitar cable for the first time, the other musicians on stage thought I was using a new bass guitar" ~Hugh McDonald
Anne Bisson - Jazz Musician

Charismatic Canadian jazz vocalist/pianist Anne Bisson has recorded her new album direct-to-disk at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. "Four Seasons in Jazz" was co-produced with Bisson and recorded by Michael C. Ross while using Kubala•Sosna microphone cables. Bernie Grundman comments on the recording process for the new Bisson album, "Vinyl has had a big resurgence, but the audiophiles have always loved it. And with technological advances, it's better than ever now. Here in our studios, we believe that the simpler it is, the better it's going to sound, which has always been true. It's difficult to make something without any losses, but with all of our careful connections and so forth, and the straight-through signal, we feel we're going to get the most natural, best, highest quality sound going direct-to-disc, right from the performance while it is being mixed spontaneously. Everything is being done as you hear it and being cut right into the disc." "We're recording the old-fashioned way," says Michael C. Ross. "The musicians are out in Bernie's spacious lounge area, which we converted into a recording studio with great microphones and acoustic treatment with gobos. The trio is playing live and I'm mixing it live and it's going right to vinyl." 


Vanessa Fernandez - Jazz & Soul Musician

Vanessa Fernandez's latest album, "I Want You" was recorded with Kubala•Sosna microphone cables in 2018.


The album was recorded at United (former Oceanway) in Hollywood and mixed at Sphere in Burbank. All tracking and mixing was done 100% all analogue. Michael C Ross recorded the album in United Studio B over four days on a 24 track Studer using 2 inch analogue tape running at 30 ips. The final 30 ips 1/4 inch stereo master was used by Bernie Grundman to cut the 45 rpm LP and create the SACD.


Musicians include former Michael Jackson bassist Alex Al, current Jimmy Kimmel show band keyboardist Jeff Babko, top LA-based horn player Ricky Woodard as well as returning musicians from 'When The Levee Breaks'. Needless to say, Vanessa and the band deliver some truly exceptional performances on this session and with fabulous all analogue sonics!

Doug Aldrich - Rock Musician

Doug has played in numerous rock bands such as Whitesnake, Dio and The Dead Daisies.  He has also released several solo albums.  Doug is one of the most sought-after live guitar musicians and often fills in for many live cover bands in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


He has been using a Kubala•Sosna guitar cable since 2016.


Doug is one of the world's true rock stars. Equally adept at playing soaring, heartfelt leads and rocking rhythms, Doug's versatility and tasty tones make him a force to be reckoned with.




Jacintha - Jazz Musician

Jacintha’s first album in ten years, Fire and Rain, was recorded with Kubala•Sosna microphone cables.  The album pays homage to legendary artist James Taylor.


"The Singapore-based singer knows how to really put over a song, especially in the torch, blues, and jazz veins. Her approach here is lighter and a bit laidback, which perfectly catches the sunlight that flickers through these lovely songs without slighting their melancholy, yearning, and even pain. “Sweet Baby James” opens with one of Jacintha’s peerless a capella deliveries; the way she eases into the chorus and the accompaniment steals in is one of the most exquisite moments of music making I’ve heard in a new recording this year—the breath-catching high point of an album that admits of no lows.


Groove Note’s sonics are predictably superlative, not “audiophile” as such but natural and true to timbre. Our music editor tells me this album was the top seller at 2018’s Axpona"  Paul Seydor of "The Absolute Sound"


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