BluePort Jazz, A Labor of Love


Jim Merod's Long and Fabled Recording History

Many of us have attended a concert so amazing that afterwards we would have killed for a recording of it, but Jim Merod doesn't have that problem.  Since 1965, Merod has recorded hundreds of Jazz concerts, and eventually his passion to document what would otherwise be lost forever launched a record label.  Since the early 1990's, BluePort Jazz has released 24 albums ,all of which can be purchased at and  The label's roster includes jazz names...  READ MORE

The Perfect Record Player


The Kronos record player excels with an unrivaled level of precision

In these times of digital music, vinyl records are having an astonishing comeback with skyrocketing sales. No other medium quite matches the warm sound of a vinyl record. To music lovers, there is no alternative – and when it comes to equipment, only the best is good enough. These were the thoughts of Louis Desjardins, of Montreal, Canada, when he began to develop a completely new record player for his own private use.  Today he is selling his Kronos players worldwide to customers...  READ MORE


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