One of the interesting benefits of our choice of materials, construction techniques and our revolutionary OptimiZ™ technology is extremely short break-in times. You will NOT hear from us "Just be patient, after several hundred hours they will sound great."


Rather, our cables sound excellent right out of the box - from the very first moment you connect them in your system. You will NOT have to wait hundreds of hours for them to change character … they sound like themselves immediately.


Will they get better with use?  Yes, they will get better after a period of relatively short use, playing your choice of music. Why close the door and let some un-listenable break-in material play when out-of-the-box performance is good enough that you can enjoy some real music immediately while they gently settle in? So, sit down and listen!


This combination of quick break-in and the extremely wide latitude of compatibility with electronics and speakers, which allows you to assess their performance in your system quickly, allows us to offer you our unique 30/60/90 Satisfaction Guarantee™.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Compatibility Guarantee

90 Day Upgrade Guarantee

Hours of Use
Standard Series
% Performance
% Performance
Out-of-the-Box 75% 85%
1 hour 80% 90%
2 hours 85% 95%
1 day 90% 98%
2 days 95% 100%
3 days 100% NA

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