Kubala•Sosna's RevolutionZ™ Series includes analog and digital interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords. These component links allow you to sense and feel the performer’s passion, power and delicacy, connecting you to the performance like never before.


There were many demonstrations to audiophiles, audio engineers, dealers, manufacturers, and non-audiophiles prior to introduction. The response was absolutely universal and instantaneous from every one of them.


No matter what cable was in the system beforehand – there was total amazement at the transformation that was immediately evident in their systems. Time after time we were told … "You are not leaving with these cables!"


Why can these component links cause that kind of emotional attachment so quickly? The story lies in our OptimiZ™ Architecture, and as we develop this website further we will add descriptions of it; along with technical information to demonstrate it. For now, just know that the cables are unique. They perform and sound different. You will know immediately the music feels right!


We know you have heard this kind of rhetoric before and possibly were disappointed. That is why we are offering our one-of-a-kind 30/60/90 Satisfaction Guarantee™ to give you peace of mind. We can offer this extraordinary guarantee because we know you once you hear our products, you too will be amazed. In fact, we’re betting on it.


Please visit an Authorized Kubala•Sosna dealer and feel what it is like to Connect to the Performance™


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