Expression Cables utilize a different version of the OptimiZ™ Architecture found in our Emotion Series Component Links. The Expression Series is the equal of many well-respected top-of-the-line cables, possibly bested only by our own Emotion and Elation! cables.


During a certain phase of our development and testing, when we first heard these cables, we knew we had something that challenged the state-of-the-art.  In fact, it was at this point in the development of OptimiZ™ Architecture where the ideas were spawned that led to the Emotion Series; refinements of the design of the Expression cables.


It was also at this stage that we began to solicit input from audiophiles and dealers. These are the first cables others heard, and, the story is much the same – instantaneous recognition of something being right about the music. We were told it was coherent, harmonically accurate, detailed, extended, open, rhythmic, and sweet.  In a blind test, three different developmental versions of this series were chosen over some of the most expensive and respected cables available; and the final version we brought to market performs better than any of those three!


The Expression Ensemble is a RevolutionZ™ Series cable featuring OptimiZ™ Architecture. All Kubala•Sosna cables include our 30/60/90 Satisfaction Guarantee and Upgrade privileges towards future purchases (Restrictions apply. See upgrade policy for details).

Kubala Sosna Expression Line of Interconnects, Power Cords, Digital Cables and Speaker Cables
 Analog Interconnects - RCA or XLR or Combination - Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m 6m to 15m by 1m
 Digital Cables - S/PDIF (RCA or BNC) 75 Ohm - Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m
 Data Cables - Not Available  DIN/Phono Cables - RCA or XLR - Straight, 90 DEG, 90 DEG Rotated - Lengths: 1.25m or 2.0m
 Speaker Cables - Single Wire; Internal Bi-Wire, Internal Tri-Wire - Spade or WBT Locking Banana - Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m; 6m to 15m by 1m

  Power Cords

- US, Schuko or UK Wall Plugs

- 15A IEC, 20A IEC, PowerCon Connectors

- Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m

Look at what Reviewers are saying about Expression Cables...


Larry Cox

Positive Feedback Online

"The Expressions present music without noticeable boundaries to a stage; sound stages don't erupt from a black background, but from an invisible and expanding one - expanding to whatever shape and size is necessary. I found I could focus on and remove focus from any particular part of the sound with ease. The dynamic relationships of instruments were like short, couplets of rhythm; instruments moved in and out of focus effortlessly. Again much in the way when listening to live music a listener can choose to focus on a singular instrument and then move on to another instrument without suppressing the first instrument's contribution.  It was rather remarkable how the affect of the removal of the Expressions changed my system from the kind you can effortlessly relax into any sort of music, to having me search for better recordings."


"The Expressions are at component level prices, at least for my system. I know some will squawk, as is their right, but a complete set of Expressions provided for me a component level upgrade. Contextually, I found myself reluctant to find the cables worth their entry price, and they remain a product of the domain of the well heeled or at least those that save well. And, in these times, it's hard to argue for expensive gear. While I really dislike that power cords, interconnects, and speaker cables are so expensive, in this case they made a large difference. I surrender my prejudice and line of reasoning. If it takes expensive cables to get the sound my system makes with the Expressions, then that's the price of glory. Highly recommended."     FULL REVIEW

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