Sensation cables are the second offering in the new OptimiZ3™ series.  Performance fits nicely between Emotion and Elation!, offering a nice combination of the attributes of both.  OptimiZ3™ cables offer a nice combination of flexibility and decreased weight for easier installation.  This cable will perform with almost any cable, anywhere.



The Sensation Ensemble is a RevolutionZ™ Series cable featuring our new OptimiZ3™ Architecture. All Kubala•Sosna cables include our 30/60/90 Satisfaction Guarantee and Upgrade privileges towards future purchases (Restrictions apply. See upgrade policy for details).



 Analog Interconnects - RCA or XLR or Combination - Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m 6m to 15m by 1m
 Digital Cables -Not Available


  Power Cords

- US, Schuko or UK Wall Plugs

- 15A IEC, 20A IEC, PowerCon Connectors

- Lengths: 1.0 to 5.0m by 1/2m

Look at what Reviewers are saying about Sensation Cables...


Maurice Jeffries

Positive Feedback

"The K-S Sensation cable loom really hits all my audio buttons. They blend immaculate construction values with gorgeous sound quality to produce an enticing and intoxicating mix. They are, in high-end terms, priced quite fairly, but not cheaply, as one should expect.


As such, they heartily deserve the rarified "sonic reference" designation afforded much more expensive products. At roughly $30 - 40K for a complete loom (or roughly one-tenth the price of the MasterBuilt loom exhibited at AXPONA 2019 in the Von Schweikert / VAC / Audio Company suite), they cost as much as an entry-level Tesla or Lexus, and sound at least as good as those cars look. In short, you really should give them a spin. You will not, I promise, regret doing so, even if their unique mix of musical strengths and your given sonic priorities don't mesh entirely.


If I could afford to buy the loom I reviewed, I'd do so in a heartbeat. They are that good."   FULL REVIEW

Robert H. Levi

Positive Feedback Online

"Located between the Emotion and Elation! series of Kubala-Sosna Research cables comes Sensation line of Interconnects.  Right out of the package, I heard power and musical nuance that were stunning. At two days of play in a circuit, break-in was complete. This was very fast for almost cost-is-no-object wires.  Imaging was lock-down solid and rounded to perfection. Depth was extraordinary and ambiance superb. The Sensation's style of soundstaging was truly gigantic and the nuance of every instrument was mellifluous. Vocals were natural and present with no added weight or brightening whatsoever. The superb speed and snap give the music real drive and add life to the musical presentation. Even one meter made a qualitative difference overall!


The Kubala-Sosna Sensation Interconnects are Made-in-America Masterpieces for the well-heeled audiophile aficionado who wants the very best in supremely natural, realistic, and über neutral sound. More quiet than most phono cables, you can use them in the most sensitive and important locations in your system. They blended and enhanced every top cable brand with which I connected them...improving musical flow and natural high definition. Extremely flexible and well made, I love the secure Kubala-Sosna RCA connector.


The Sensations are State of the art, period. The Kubala-Sosna Sensation Interconnects receive my highest recommendation."

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