It took us a while to convince ourselves that we could add value to the data cable market.  But once we realized that it is not really “0s and 1s” that are being transmitted, but rather square-wave-like waveforms, we jumped in immediately as our cables have always exhibited excellent performance in this area.


From our initial prototype designs, we were thrilled with the different “feel” that we were experiencing compared to standard cables.  Smoother.  Full bodied.  More Dynamic.  More Musical.  Try our USB and ETHERNET cables – we are confident you will find them a great addition to your system!

Look at what Reviewers are saying about our USB Cables...


Steven Plaskin


"The Realization USB cable is detailed from top to bottom without brightness or accentuated sound. The cable has excellent balance without prominence in any one particular area. Bass is tight and very well defined. The micro and macro dynamic qualities of the music are well reproduced with the Realization. I also noticed a very quiet black background to this cable."


"There is no question in my mind that the Kubala-Sosna Realization USB cable is the finest USB cable I have yet auditioned. No other USB cable I have heard matches the glorious midrange qualities of the Realization USB. The Realization USB is perfectly balanced from top to bottom with excellent dynamic qualities and detail reproduction. The cable has very low noise qualities that most likely aid in its ability to reproduce micro dynamic shadings."


"The Kubala-Sosna Realization USB cable receives my strongest accolades as the most satisfying USB cable I have had the pleasure to audition."     FULL REVIEW

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